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“Fabulous course packed with content and brilliant delivery by Adrian. To be recommended by anyone who needs to deliver talks and presentations” – Sarah Naylor, Naylor George Recruitment Limited

“A really great workshop, both a refresher and full of new thinking about how to put some of the theory I instinctively knew into practice. I thought the delivery style was quite unique and refreshing and came away from the day with a whole new insight into how to be a great presenter and lots of practical tips on how to manager nerves, be engaging, interesting and authentic. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to feel more confident in ‘public’ speaking whatever the audience size” –  Nicky Smith, Regional Director – Career Directed Solutions

“A fantastically organised and structured session with a Master in communication skills training. Anyone who wishes to be better and to learn about themselves and their ability to communicate effectively and with charisma should definitely attend” –  Anonymous

“I found the course most informative – in areas I hadn’t considered important, relating to confidence and calming techniques – what I’ve learned will make me a better presenter”! –  Anonymous

“Adrian and his team were fantastic, the course exceeded my expectations and I received a toolkit of presenting techniques which is highly valuable life skills. Adrian is full of knowledge when it comes to conquering your fears in public speaking, I left the training feeling more confident and excited about speaking in public. Thank you”.

Emmie Studencki – NTU

“I have to say a huge thank you to Gaenor. She is a very inspirational lady. Her coaching and mentoring programmes are amazing, She has a way of guiding,supporting and nurturing you to open up, with feelings of ease, safety and comfort and realise what your issues are and learn how to deal with them. Every time I see Gaenor ,  by the time I leave I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel almost cleansed. She is a woman of rare quality, totally understanding, caring and with a patient nature – Anonymous